Private Workshop - Cummings

Private Workshop - Cummings

The Reclaimed Treasures LLC

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This is a private workshop and will be held October 18th from 10 a.m. until Noon. Participants will bring their own small piece of furniture, frame, drawer front, etc. and learn how to use Fusion Mineral Paint. Here are a few details to prepare for the class:

1.  The project must be 24" (or less) wide and no more than 16" in depth. Small tables, small frames, door fronts, etc. are some options.
2.  Proper prep must be done prior to attending the class, clean, sand and prime if needed. The primer of choice is Bin Shellac based primer. This would be used to block tannins on certain woods such as knotty pine, mahogany and cherry.
3.  The price per person for this class is $65. The use of our paint, our brushes and our instruction is included in the price. Everyone works at a different pace so it is unlikely a piece will be finished during class time. If this is the case, the participants would need to purchase additional paint or supplies to finish at home.
4.  We do not load or unload customer items from their vehicles. Each participant must bring a small enough piece that they can carry themselves. 
5.  Pieces can't be left at our location to dry. All pieces must be removed after class. Participants are responsible to protect their vehicles from any paint that may not have dried during class, i.e. plastic or moving blanket.

NOTE: Masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

For questions regarding this class, please call 571-398-0547.