Cement Planter Transformation

Mixing and blending a variety of textures and products are our thing!  We love taking simple pieces and making them look exquisite. The best part, they are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Today, we are going to be using Iron Orchid Designs , Wise Owl Paint and Fusion Mineral Paint to give an amazing update to an old concrete planter.

Below is a picture of all the items we used for this project:

Step 1:  Find a planter or something you would like to update with color and texture.  Oils, plant saps and gunk are your worst enemy when working on planters. If it is concrete or has had a previous layer of paint, sand down to remove anything that may be chipping off. Clean well.

Step 2: Determine what the piece is made of i.e, plastic, concrete, metal, wood, etc.  Each of these may require a different prep to begin the updating process.  Plastic will require a primer. We are huge fans of Wise Owl Paint’s Clear and White Primers.  If you have Bin Zinsser Shellac based prim er, it works well on pretty much all of them too.

Step 3:   The floral swag was made Iron Orchid Designs Swags Decor Mould and Amazing Casting Resin.  Follow the instructions on the Amazing Casting Resin. It is important that you use equal parts of both 1 and 2 mixtures. Pour in mould. I find it very helpful to put the resin mixture in a paper cup, that way you can squeeze a smaller tip on the end to get into the nooks and crannies. Set aside and let cure for at least 10-15 minutes. Once it is solid enough to pop out of the mould, flip the mould over and press the impressions out from the mould.

Step 4:  Glue used for our project is Titebond Quick and Thick.  We love this particular glue because it will set pretty fast.  Glue the resin pieces to your projects while the resin is still malleable.  Let set for a few minutes.

Step 5:  While the glue is drying you can begin mixing  Fusion Mineral Paint’s Fresco texture powder into your paint.

I used Wise Owl Paint in Peppercorn to mix with the texture medium.   The instructions on the Fresco package state 1 part Fresco to 2 parts paint.  This is where personal preference comes into play. I prefer mine thicker, most of the time, so I add almost equal parts.  Once you have experimented with the Fresco a few times, you can develop your own mixture formula. Mix very well. Using a fork will help break up any clumps.


Step 6:  Start texturizing!!  Cover all the areas you wish to have texture.  You can make it thicker in some areas and add less to others.  Just remember, when you dry brush over the thicker areas you are going to have lots of textured goodness coming through.  Set aside and let it dry. If you have any leftover mixture of paint and Fresco, just set your mixing container in a large Ziploc style bag or scoop into a jar and seal tightly for later use.  You can also take sandpaper to the piece if you would like. Be sure to not sand down all the peaks and valleys, but if you feel you got a little too Fresco happy, you can lightly sand with 220 or higher sandpaper.

Step 7:  Once everything has dried, you can start the dry brushing process.  For this project I used Wise Owl Paint in Limestone. Be sure to dry brush all those textured peaks and valleys on your piece.  Go very light handed and just layer until you get the look that you are going for with the piece.

Step 8:  Step back and admire your piece!  You did it! A truly one of a kind piece that no one else has.  If you are thinking of putting it outside, be sure the paint that you used either has a built in topcoat or you add a topcoat to the piece.  The Wise Owl Paint I used would require a top coat if I used this piece outdoors. Wise Owl Varnish would be the perfect finish.

If you have any further questions, comment below, shoot us an email (sales@thereclaimedtreasures.com) or call the shop 571-398-0547.  You are welcome to stop by the shop and try before you buy always!!  

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